About Us

Hello! Welcome to Rarity Collective. 

Rarity Collective woman owned and that's me, Jillian. You may often hear me refer to Rarity Collective as a "we" or "us" and that is mostly due to the fact that 9 times out of 10 I have my partner Manny working along side of me. 

I started Rarity Collective out of my love for traveling and thrifting. I have been digging in flea markets, old homes, and thrift stores probably since I knew how to drive at the ripe age of 16. Then, as soon as I could afford to go on my first vacation as an adult, I chose to go to San Francisco and Yosemite National Park. I always wanted to go see the big big round trees (sequoias) and I checked it off the list as soon as I could. That's where it all began. I got the travel bug and I had to dig in just about every little store everywhere we went. The rest is history. 

It has been a thrilling adventure and it warms my heart to share it with you. 

I do not have a brick and mortar store but you can find me at local markets in and around the Chicagoland area. 

Thank you for stopping by. 

~ Jillian