Lake Tahoe vs. Covid

This year my mother turned the big 6.0. so my sisters and I started to plan (in January, maybe even earlier now that I think about it) a trip to Lake Tahoe for a surprise celebration. It actually took quite awhile to find the perfect spot to stay. By the time I was done searching it felt like I had already been to Tahoe and back. Finally we were able to agree on a home via VRBO and all set for our stay at the end of June/beginning of July. So the countdown began! 

Well, here comes Rona (Covid19). We just knew our trip was going to be cancelled. How could we possibly travel to California, of all places, during this pandemic. We didn't cancel anything. We decided to wait it out to see what would come of the fast spreading virus. 

April comes and goes, May came and went, and here comes June. We were told we had to wait until June 15th to discover the fate of our trip due to the meetings between counties. I kept reading updates on the speculations that El Dorado was opening back up to the public with restrictions. Well, on June 15th we got the good news, "you're going to Lake Tahoe!"

We could finally start mapping our drive out there. Manny and I love road trips and try to drive pretty much anywhere and everywhere when we can. It feels like home when we are cruising together seeing what we see. Not to mention, having a car to load up all our treasures all the way is very convenient. 

The day before we are about to leave we get the news that Manny's parents tested positive! Whoa! Not in a million years did we see that one coming. Right then and there we frantically went to get tested, which by the way, is a whole other story and post. Luckily Manny was able to get a test that would reveal our fate within 24 hours. We postponed our trip by a day and waited. 

Hallelujah! Tested negative so we hit the road. We figured there was no way that I would test positive if he was negative and we were right. Unfortunately, I had to wait for my results while on the road. Let's just say, I caused myself a lot of unnecessary stress and heightened anxiety by not waiting. I won't go into it because it was my choice and I don't regret it. 

However, we had ever growing concerns for Manny's parents. His father wasn't showing any symptoms at first; just his mother. Eventually, they both ended up in the hospital. All while we were mid trip! I'm just going to cut to the chase and say they are now okay. 

What we did discover during this chaotic trip were kind, socially distant people looking to enjoy their time in nature. And even though we were stressed and running high on anxiety throughout the whole week, we realized just how precious our time is. I hope going forward that I can continue to take the time to explore what I love and with those who matter the most. 

(Please note that we were aware that we were still traveling at our own risk and took all the proper precautions. We do not encourage others to travel without wearing a mask and staying the recommended 6ft apart.)














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